" Homeschooling Adventurez: M is for My favorite "homeschool" Moments of 2013


M is for My favorite "homeschool" Moments of 2013

My favorite homeschool moments- at least some of them - from 2013:

Bigger Picture - Set your mind (why I'd do it all again) -January 2013
Heartily - As to the Lord   - February 2013
What Not to Bring to Real Refreshment Retreat -  March 2013
(My favorite retreat -encouragement for the homeschool mom )
 Join me in Atlanta again for 2014

Exploring the Everglades -  with Ben and Marcy

Scenes From a Weekend Whirlwind of Adventure - Spring Break 2013
we did Disney Fort Wilderness Camping- Legoland - Museum of Science and Industry - Florida Aquarium

Frugal Family in Tennessee - TTD and Adventures with Marcy and Ben
Homeschooling Adventures on the Road - homeschool friends and travel 

On the Road Again- another adventure with Marcy and Ben

Although there are many more wonderful moments and adventures from 2013 
- these are some of my favorites!

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  1. Looks like a fun year full of adventures! Praying you are blessed with many many more in 2014


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